I am in Paris.  Yes, I am.

The Eurostar from London St Pancras took me to Gare du Nord on 19 June 2013.  That moment would never be forgotton.  It was thunderstorm and pouring rain welcoming me.  Still, I was extatique. 

This is not my first time to Paris, but on my own, it is.   And it’s also the first time in life to have left my family behind for so long and so far, what a challenge!  What brings me to Paris?  Well, to pursue my life long dream of living here, to be able to speak a bit of French and most important of all, explore the city, and have a taste of  different culture and, of course, good food.   It is a self-discovery journey.

I am originated from Hong Kong, now residing in Singapore with my husband and two cats.  To me, it’s like a dream, still like a dream.  And even words could  hardly express the happiness inside me, it’s a blessing.  This could never be happened if without my husband’s support and encouragement, and it is God who grants me the courage to do so.

Life is not solely à deux (couple only), to be able to travel alone, walk along the small streets of the city, drop into a café is a luxury.



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