my last 10 days Solo in Paris

IMG_89055546343457_95ded44ec0Le temps vole! It is so hard for me to realise that I have been in Paris for nearly 4 months now, and today marks my dernier dix jours à Paris seul.  Viola! It has been such a fantastic experience, et bien sûr would never be forgotten.  While I am still contemplating all these lovely moments, Michael Bublé’s voice reminded me it’s time to go home.  No matter how good it is, be it Rome or Paris…. nothing could compare with my beloved husband et mes deux chats.  Ils me manquent!



3 thoughts on “my last 10 days Solo in Paris

  1. Well,still remember how excited u r when u stepped in Paris.Four months-
    U must be inspired with something special to enhance your relations with friends, family n GOD.
    “How could I love U if I am always with U” Yes time to go home n start a new page
    Don’t forget our souvenir from Paris
    Ha ha I ‘ll claim it At Singapore

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