Les baguettes, J’adore!



Oh I love la baguette and it has always been one of my favourites.  I have made a few attempts myself and was never satisfied with the final result.  So attending a baguette and boulangerie class became one of my main tasks being in Paris, the city of baguettes.  This hands on class turned out to be an enjoyable one.  C’etait profitable!

In France, every household has at least one baguette daily in average.  Who doesn’t like baguettes, especially when they are properly done.  On September 1993, there was a law created in France to stipulate that a baguette can only legally be called a baguette if it contains only 4 ingredients. And if there are only 4 ingredients why do some baguettes taste different than others?  Hint: levure vs levain (yeast vs level).  Aussi, baguettes sold in every boulangerie in France must be prepared and baked on site.  Finally, to be called and sold as a “Baguette” the law stipulates the size, shape and weight too, each baguette should be approximately 65 cm in length, 5-6cm in width, and 250g in weight.

Wow….. so next time when you buy a baguette in France, you know that it’s not simply a stick of bread.


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