Bastille was a fortress in Paris, it played an important role in the internal conflicts of France and for most of its history was used as a state prison.  On 1789 it was stormed by a crowd in the French Revolution, thus becoming an important symbol for the movement.  The 14th July or “Bastille Day” is now French National Day.  Of course, nowadays, people go to Bastille for Place de la Bastille, Opera Bastille, restaurants and loads of shopping there.  But one must remember its significance in French history.

I was brought to Le Bristrot du Peintre in avenue Ledru-Rollin in Bastille by a French-vietnamese last summer.  Established in 1902, the Bistrot displays all the charm of typical Parisian bistros in an Art Nouveau setting inherited from the 1900’s.  The food is prepared and cooked in passion and quality with a very reasonable price.  I was recommended to try one of the famous French dish called L’andouillette which is basically a coarse-grained sausage made with pork intestines, pepper, wine, onions and seasonings.  Not everyone likes this, I suppose.  You would either love it or hate it.  But if you dare to try, you would have the best AAAAA andouillette here.  5A andouillette is a certificate (diplôme) given by The Association Amicale des Amateurs d’Andouillette Authentique to producers of high-quality andouillette.  J’adore!


春節 我還是喜欢紅~


Came across these lovely tulips in a German supermarket Lidl few days ago.  Lovely red, perfect for Chinese New Year.  They are fresh and strong for just 1,99 euros.  Indeed they brighten up my place.  J’adore!

After so many years……



Well, life is always full of surprises.  Recently I had been connected with my secondary school classmate whom I have not seen since we left school, and the most exciting part is, she is now residing in Paris.  Ooooooh, what a timing! Cos I will be in Paris again soon et bien sûr, we have to meet.  Coming along this charming French look woman is my long lost classmate, omg.  She looks great and amazing! She brought me to this cosy and petit Russian café in Printemps.  We were lucky with no queues outside waiting.  Alors…..we chat and chat, could not wait to update each other of what had happened to our lives for the last 30 years.  Life is so wonderful!

Nice to be back


How nice to be back to this beautiful city again.  Left Paris last October and I could never imagine that I am here again this winter.  C’est manifique!  Many of my French friends convinced me not to come back in this bitterly cold and humid winter, they would dream of escaping to some sunny and warm places.  However, the weather can’t stop me from exploring Paris encore.  De temps en temps I have been missing this city.  I am so sure that Paris in winter has its own beauty.  And now I’m back. How wonderful!

my last 10 days Solo in Paris

IMG_89055546343457_95ded44ec0Le temps vole! It is so hard for me to realise that I have been in Paris for nearly 4 months now, and today marks my dernier dix jours à Paris seul.  Viola! It has been such a fantastic experience, et bien sûr would never be forgotten.  While I am still contemplating all these lovely moments, Michael Bublé’s voice reminded me it’s time to go home.  No matter how good it is, be it Rome or Paris…. nothing could compare with my beloved husband et mes deux chats.  Ils me manquent!


Sunday Excitement



One of my excitement during weekends in Paris is strolling along the Parisian markets, be it opened or covered.  It is always delightful to go to these markets, and you would regret not to bring along the trolley.  I went to Marché Auguste-Blanqui last Sunday morning and I was a happy girl.  A fantastic market held every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday from Place d’Itaie to metro Corvisart from 0800 to 1430.  Prices are fair and the sheer number of vendors, overwhelming.  Do visit some of these markets when you are in Paris, you will not be disappointed.   C’est magifique!

Les Meilleurs Glaces & Sorbets



Autumn is around the corner and with the sun coming out today stimulates my lure of a luxury ice cream.  GROM in rue de Seine, 6éme arrondissement, probably offers the best gelato & sorbet in Paris.  I first had GROM in Milano this summer, and once I had it, I can hardly resist it.  And I’m extremely excited that Paris got one too.

My favourite is hazelnut, it’s profound. Pistachio mellow and savory; the mango and rasberry are fresh and deeply perfumed.  The chocolate yogurt is so creamy that you think it’s a gelato instead. The lemon sorbet does really quench your thirst. The peach is like biting into a real peach.

This is one of the most amazing treats in Paris.  You can’t leave Paris without having GROM.  C’est trés trés délicieux!

Simple is beautiful




If you ask me, what do you like most in Paris?  Of course, there are loads of them.  But I am sure I would miss those days that I spent with my loved ones for a simple afternoon reading, relaxing and enjoying in Jardin du Luxembourg, then ran to have a really quality ice cream in a hot summer day.  Je suis trés trés content pour une simple journée comme ça!!

Les baguettes, J’adore!



Oh I love la baguette and it has always been one of my favourites.  I have made a few attempts myself and was never satisfied with the final result.  So attending a baguette and boulangerie class became one of my main tasks being in Paris, the city of baguettes.  This hands on class turned out to be an enjoyable one.  C’etait profitable!

In France, every household has at least one baguette daily in average.  Who doesn’t like baguettes, especially when they are properly done.  On September 1993, there was a law created in France to stipulate that a baguette can only legally be called a baguette if it contains only 4 ingredients. And if there are only 4 ingredients why do some baguettes taste different than others?  Hint: levure vs levain (yeast vs level).  Aussi, baguettes sold in every boulangerie in France must be prepared and baked on site.  Finally, to be called and sold as a “Baguette” the law stipulates the size, shape and weight too, each baguette should be approximately 65 cm in length, 5-6cm in width, and 250g in weight.

Wow….. so next time when you buy a baguette in France, you know that it’s not simply a stick of bread.